Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

Timeless Teachings in a Changing World

The new generation and the academics challenges in Latin America. Dual enrollment programs: Opening a new door.
Alumnos SW.S.

Alumnos SW.S.

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In Latin America we have open many doors ( in education ) and still some that need to help unlock for our students. We need to become more aggressive and proactive in our goals, we need to give the new generations more tools , better opportunities using the potential they have. Those tools already exist, they have been created in many places by many institutions around the planet, then we need to adjust the administrations of the schools ,need to change our approach towards teaching, our biggest challenge must be to educate the kids now to be really to interact in their future in many years from now.
I dream and set something for the new generations and it looks like this is the best tool to be set according with the needs and realities of their lives. - This is a dream become reality.
The dual enrollment concept is designed for high school Sophomores, Juniors and Seniors to receive on line college classes for credits while simultaneously continuing with their regular high school courses. (While this opportunity is available for 1st world students, ) This is a novel concept of education in Latin America, and to my knowledge, our program at Southwest school (SWS) is taking the lead in this type education.
In Honduras as in most Latin American nations, students are limited in their studies, as the national government's Department of Education has a required program for all students at each grade level. This means that advanced students are held back from reaching their potential and not really permitted to even dream of excelling. Therefore transition career partnership opens a new world of infinite possibilities, permitting students to break the mold and explore their full potential.
By permitting students to select college coursework according to their interest, they are able to discover their life-path and find an appropriate college when the time is right.
This opens new horizons ,as the students in younger grades see their predecessors going beyond the norm , it sparks a chain reaction wherein all the students are able to visualize greater opportunities from their own futures.
The current financial situation in Latin America limits the amount of exploration students can do at the college level. As they can barely afford the tuition for the basic program, meaning many college students end up in a career they select at a young age and later discovered it wasn't right for them. The dual enrollment courses help students by permitting them to explore different areas of study early, guiding them to better choices of a mayor.
Another financial benefit is that the students who have college credits before graduation will likely spend fewer years in residency at a four- years college, saving a lot of money for their families.
I am blessed to open these opportunities for our kids in Honduras, I am very thankful to Ohio Christian University ( OCU) and Cedarville University (CU) as the first ones to allow our students to get into their dual enrollment program and help to set ours here in Southwest school.

Troy Wesson